Composition Lessons in Bristol.

Hey there! I'm a Bristol Piano Teacher and Music Tutor. I’ve been teaching music and performing arts for around 10 years now, and I love what I do. I’ve taught, written and worked for a number of Bristol’s leading Orchestras and Music Schools, including The Bristol Ensemble, Bristol Cathedral School & The Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra.

Learning how to compose or improving one’s compositional ability can be a complex endeavour. Knowing what to work on, how to work on it, and feeding your own creativity can all be quite tricky.

At the heart of my teaching lies three things: inspiration, musical craft & compositional strategy. Separating these three areas and improving them is the key to developing as a composer. Deficiency or a lack of clarity around these separate elements can lead to unfocussed and frustrating projects and practice.

As I say in my teaching-style section of this website; all my lessons are tailored around the individual. What that basically means for composition is that I explore each student’s natural passions and inclinations – and help you find your own learning goals.

Whether you are after a solid grounding in the fundamentals of jazz harmony, classical theory & composition, orchestration, computer music, improvisation or want to play entirely by ear, we pursue the way you learn & help lay the foundations of your own compositional vocabulary.

First music lessons for children are always free – call Jack on 07817 165141to book your 30 minute session or book online at no cost.

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